Posted by: bshelley | June 18, 2008

Seeking God’s Heart- by Bryan Shelley

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-psalm-27_14

Today’s Verse: Psalm 27:14 Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord. NASB

I don’t like waiting. The other day I went to go get some wasp spray and some 2 cycle oil for the weed-eater. The register rang up a price that was $1 more than the shelf price for the oil. I mentioned this fact to the clerk. I will spare you the frustrating details, but a full twenty minutes later I left the store having paid the correct lower price for the oil. I put on a good front, but inside I was not patient at all. I thought of clever things to say about the competitor’s store which is about to open across town and how they might want to improve their customer service if they didn’t want to see their aisles as empty of customers as they always were of employees, or something along that line. In the end I spared them any wisdom and just determined to vote with my feet once the other place opened. I don’t like to wait. How long are we supposed to wait on the Lord? Does He expect us to do something in the meantime or just wait? Ever wonder about such things when you read verses like this? Psalm 27 is another attributed to King David. It is about having a fearless trust in God. Sayings like, “It is easier to steer a moving car.” come to mind when I consider “waiting”. Too often in scripture we see God call us to “be still” or to “wait”. To me it seems that there are likely two extremes, which is what I tend to deal in, and then there is everything else in the middle. I am sure that most of the time God wants us just to be about the business of doing what He has already instructed us to do in His word. He will always answer prayer and act in His good will and perfect timing. There are times, however, maybe even right now, when He asks for our full and undistracted attention just to be with Him. To wait on Him. We need to stop, wait and spend more time in His presence. What a privilege squandered when we do not “wait”.



  1. This wait on God scenario I can,t accept at all and have heard so often. Be patient and wait on God he will put matters right in his good time I don,t accept at all as though God were a Mr. Fixit. The heavens to God they belong but the earth he has given to the sons of men. He has given man wonderful qualities and abilities and he has given us the responsibility that if there are problems here on earth we should try to fix them not leave it all to God. Its like going back 150 years with the sanitation problems and saying God will put things right. I don,t think he does that at all ever. He wants us to get on with the job at hand and do the best we can and try and sort things out. Its called delegating authority which shows he has a measure of trust in us his creation. So never mind waiting on God but get up off our backsides and get things done in solving our problems.

  2. Yes, I’m learning to spend more time in his presence. You are so right! Thanks.

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