Posted by: bshelley | August 11, 2009

Standing in the Breach

american flag

Today’s Verse: Psalm 106:23 Therefore He said that He would destroy them, had not Moses His chosen one stood in the breach before Him, to turn away His wrath from destroying them. NASB

God is always going to act in accordance with His will. Many see that as an excuse to not stand in the breach in intercessory prayers for people and situations. In this case the people had already fashioned a graven idol to worship even as God had just rescued them from Pharaoh through the Red Sea and Moses was on the mountain top receiving the Law. To say God was “put out” with them would be to say the least. His finger of justice was twitching ready to clean house and start over. It was Moses’ prayer for the sparing of them that is attributed to saving them that day. How can we know if God is not at that place with us as a people and a nation right now? There are so many today who would have any mention of God removed not only from the public square but altogether. Where is the limit of God’s patience even as the church sits idly by clicking their tongues and asking themselves how could this be. Your prayers each day for God to spare this nation and that God would continue to bless His church as they work to show love even in such a worldly environment as this. Please stand in the breach as a prayer warrior for this nation and its leaders that they would once again, as the founding Father’s did, seeking His blessing and wisdom daily.

May God bless your heart as you seek His.


  1. Error may endure for a season but truth shall prevail because truth is universal and eternal.

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