Posted by: bshelley | June 17, 2008

Seeking God’s Heart- by Bryan Shelley

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-3-john-3

Today’s Verse: 3 John 3 For I was very glad when the brethren came and testified to your truth, that is, how you are walking in truth. NASB

For some it is difficult to share deep felt and soul wrenching prayer needs. They simply have the long held attitude that they just don’t want others “knowin’ their business.” Most of us likely understand that sense of having some personal space where no one else needs to be nosing around. Its none of their business, right? I don’t know what would motivate someone to put themselves and every detail of their lives out for anyone to dig around in by running for a public office. You would have to be pretty clean or pretty tough or both. Thank goodness some are willing to run that gauntlet, but I’ll pass. It might be the number of skeletons in the closet or just an unwillingness to open up my whole life for scrutiny. What if someone were following you around taking notes on how you were living out your Christian walk? The apostle Paul said, (I paraphrase), “Hey, even though I don’t have it down perfect, follow my example as I attempt to follow in Christ’s footsteps.” Would any of us dare to say that? How are we doing on the 24/7 thing of following Christ and “walking in truth?” I am working hard at being a faithful follower. It would still give me the “heebie geebies” to know someone was taking notes. That is likely because I also know the truth that I fall far short of Christ’s likeness more often than I would like to have reported. That’s about as honest as I can get. I mess up. Ask my wife or my kids or my extended family or people at church or people in the community. I get self absorbed and flat out miss opportunities God gives me every day to minister to others. I blurt out things that I really don’t mean when I am tired. My wife persistently asks me about having family devotionals, and I love the idea, but never get around to it. What would these brethren who reported on the recipients of John’s letter say about us? Instead of recoiling or getting frustrated or depressed, I would suggest that we just put that high measuring bar up there and try again today. Forget yesterday’s failures and let God take care of tomorrow. Let’s “walk in truth” today. It’s kinda like an AA program for Christians…”One day at a time.” In God’s strength it is possible. He is watching, but not to catch us doing something wrong. He is waiting for us to look to Him for direction and support. So, take notes if you want, for I am doing the best I can for Him. Today is the Lord’s day and I walk and serve gladly in it. How about you?



  1. Brian, you hit the nail on the head. Share my sins? Who, me? It’s why my blog is anonymous! (Wink)
    God bless you, have a wonderful day!

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