Seeking God’s Heart is a daily Christian devotional by Bryan Shelley. I am first a disciple of Jesus Christ. After that, I am a husband, a father of four, grandfather of one (so far), a preacher, and an aspiring writer. We are Texans born and raised currently living and ministering in Madera, California at the Sunset Ave. Church of Christ.

I have been writing this weekday devotional since February of 2007. The theme verse for this site is Deuteronomy 4:29 “But from there you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul.” NASB 

My prayer is that as you truly seek His heart that you will be blessed and consequently be a blessing to others in His service.


  1. I appreciated your visiting my blog. I’m a youth minister also originating from Texas. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I appreciate your thoughts on the blog, I will continue to check your site out from time to time. From what I see what you are providing is defnitely necessary.

  3. So gald I stumbled across your blog! I enjoy your writing and insight very much.

  4. Meant to say “glad” not “gald”, sorry.

  5. Hey, whether you are gald or glad, I am too! I hope you make it by again. If you’d like to get the devos by email, I send them out with the email addresses blinded M-F. Just drop me an email at bryan.shelley@yahoo.com and I’ll get you on the list.

    It might appear to be shameless commercialism but for the fact that it is what it is…i.e. a free devo. God bless.

  6. Thanks for visiting, Bryan! Blessings!

  7. Thanks for visiting Bryan! Can’t wait to sit down later and dig into some of your devotionals.. Love the “seeking God’s Heart” theme..nothing better!
    Love your theme for wordpress..I had this one too! 🙂

  8. Bryan, I enjoy your devotional thoughts. See you at Morro Bay Camp-out June 22-27. Look forward to your lessons there. Joel

  9. Thanks Joel! I am really looking forward to that time in Morro Bay as well. I am wrestling with the topic assignments even now. I drew Repairing Communication with your Spouse and Kids. Humbling topics for sure. I am making sure my spouse and kids are NOT there so I can project some expertise in those areas. Ha.

  10. Bryan, have you heard of the Let’s Start Talking program (Church of Christ)? My wife and I are going to go to Germany full-time to use their material.

  11. My wife and I got the opportunity to teach Let’s Start Talking in Brazil three years ago. God bless you in your mission!

  12. Small world, huh?

    I was baptized in a Church of Christ when I was 10. Became a teen and stop going to church.

    Started going to a Christian Church when I was 20 not realizing that they came from the same movement.

    My wife and I were told that we were the first Christian church people to work along side the Church of Christ in the LST program. I am excited that we are able to do this.

    You went to Brazil. Do you happen to know Bob Carpenter. I don’t know him real well, just met him a few times at the trainings. I think he used to be a missionary down there. Seems like a really good guy.

    Have a good sunday.

  13. No, I have not met Bob. We do know lots of Church of Christ missionaries in Brazil, albeit there are only about three dozen in a country the size of the US. LST is an incredible magnet program to identify seekers. In so many areas, the ability to speak English is directly linked to one’s ability to get better jobs. We can help AND teach them about Jesus. Great program.

  14. I love your new avatar. Do the sun rays make a cross in the center of it? I have all sorts of jewelry with a cross in the center of a heart, and even a tattoo!

  15. Thanks. I found the picture on photobucket. And yes, I think it makes a cross. That seemed appropriate for my theme of Seeking God’s Heart. Certainly the cross is symbolic of His very nature.

  16. Awesome blogging. Thank you for the link from Simply Ecclesia to here. I’m looking forward to the daily devotionals!

  17. Hi there !

    As your articles are all about sperituality and religion , Hence I invite you to visit my new post on Devotion. URL is


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    Your friend !

  18. Hey brother,
    Just read your update. Please know that you and your family will be in my prayers!
    Press On!

  19. hmmm… you sure know how to spread the Word. thanks.

  20. For those who may not know and who might also be interested, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in September of 08. It has spread to a rather large tumor in my liver and to several area of bone on my spine and pelvis. At this writing I am 1/3 of the way through 6 months of chemo. Your prayers and encouragement are very much appreciated…in fact coveted. God bless you as you seek His heart. Bryan

  21. prayers……..

  22. Prayers for all the members please! thank you blessings to you

  23. would love to have a link to your blog if you are happy with that? Please check me out. My blog is not so overtly Christian as yours, but deliberately so!
    God bless you

  24. I would be honored. I am looking forward to reading more on your blg in the next week. God bless. Bryan

  25. Bryan, I am lifting you up tonight and I pray that you are okay. I pray that our merciful God will heal and comfort you from all that you are enduring. I pray for a total healing and blessings to fill you. I pray for peace and strength in all things in your life.

    You are a blessing, my friend.


  27. Hi Bryan,

    I’ve returned to blogging. I hope you are doing well. Please visit my blog when you have a chance.


  28. Please know that Bryan is now home with God in heaven. He is free from the cancer that attacked his body. I still miss him!!!

  29. Thanks so much for responding to my post. I wondered if Byan joined God in heaven. He always commented on my blog. Praise God! He is free!

    I will miss him also.

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