Posted by: bshelley | July 28, 2009

Do you Believe in Him?


Today’s Verse: Romans 10:11 For the scripture says, “Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.” NASB

I would venture to say that a very high percentage of those who read these daily devotionals would answer the question posed “Do you believe in Him” with a resounding “Yes!” When we say that we believe in Him, is that a head answer or a heart answer. Before you rush to the quick response, let’s just rewind back a few hours to the beginning of today. When you got up and prepared to face the day, did you ask God’s blessing and guidance in what He would have you do today? All to often we either skip that step or ask God’s blessing on the decisions we make for our day. There is a subtle but very important difference between the two if you take a moment to let the difference sink in. We are to be doers, not just hearers. We are to be believers , not just professors. Does what we say we believe in regard to Him translate into changed behavior right now, today? If not, do we really believe? Only the truly brave go there in their prayers. Ask God to reveal to you the truth about your belief level in your heart of hearts. Is that belief translating into believable activity in your life right now. What you do today answers the question of belief in a much more powerful way that what you simply say.  

May God bless your hear as you seek His.


  1. I am hoping to seek His will more each morning. I think sometimes us Americans are pushed so much that we forget to slow down. If I don’t slow down I know I will never remember God throughout the day.

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