Posted by: bshelley | July 22, 2009

In Every Place to Pray

arms 2

Today’s Verse: 1 Timothy 2:8 Therefore I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands, without wrath or dissension. NASB

Would that not be something to see if all would raise up prayer to God in every place? What a powerful picture! The lifting up hands part might present some problems however. Most of the churches I have attended would rock back on their heels if people started lifting up their hands in prayer. The fear would be that people were going charismatic or something. Oh, I am aware that this does happen in some places and God has not burned the buildings down, but it is not the acceptable culture of many to do such things. Yet, here is Paul instructing them to do just that. Hmm. This will just raise more concerns about Paul rather than ourselves. Odd thing that. It is interesting how the simple act of raising up hands to praise God in itself might cause dissension. What is it about us that cannot accept that kind of worship. We must let go of that which limits our ability to truly praise God, raised hands or no. That’s really not the point here. Our resistance to what scripture says concerning certain things is in need of review. What other scriptural instructions do we just dismiss…”That’s not how we do it here.”?

Mat God bless your heart as you seek His.

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