Posted by: bshelley | May 15, 2009

Wait Ten Days!?


Today’s Verse: Jeremiah 42:7 Now at the end of ten days the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah. NASB

Ten days!?? I don’t usually wait ten minutes. We get so used to getting everything on demand. We are in control, we can have it our way and we deserve to have it now, right? Sitting quietly and meditating on God’s word or waiting patiently for days or weeks for an answer from God is beyond our narrow band of tolerance typically. How we have allowed the world to creep into our relationship with God! We go through the motions with no concept of persistence. We asked once, where’s the answer? What’s up God, are you on a vacation? Understood that our ability to comprehend God’s magnificence and ways is limited by our inability to see things from His perspective. We simply cannot. In vain attempts to manipulate Him to answer prayers promptly and in accordance to our own will, we miss such possibilities of new depths of relationship with Him. We treat Him like He abides in a drive-thru cathedral. I wonder some days why God has not healed my cancer. Then, why did I get more? So many people are praying for me, why the delay? Better though to contemplate what He is doing through all of this. His mighty hand is at work and His answers come when He is ready and they are always “good” answers in His will. That is what I want, God’s best for me. I admit that I strain against His control all too often. I confess my weakness Lord, please be more patient with me than I am with you all too often. Amen

May God bless your heart as you seek His.



  1. I read this passage not so long ago, and was just as convicted as you are. Jeremiah waited 10 days for an answer… why is that so strange to us? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Kari. Really like your icon. Please come back! Bryan

  3. I remember what an author once said, “it’s not about His Power to solve problesm or heal sicknesses, it’s about right Timing of God.” God will always be on time. not late, not too early. if God asks us to wait, then let’s wait. Yes! easier said than done but let’s pray for God to just give us strength to conitnue and move on. God Bless you!

    Your brother from Your Daily Word

  4. If we can just grasp the truth that God is able to guard that which we TRUST to him for this day ( 2 Timothy 1:12)then we can rest in his peace and timing. I have learned so well that after I give my request to God, the wait is part of the answer!

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