Posted by: bshelley | May 13, 2009

Will you be ready?


Today’s Verse: Luke 12:36 “Be like men who are waiting for their master when he returns from the wedding feast, so that they may immediately open the door to him when he comes and knocks.” NASB

My granddaughter, Hailey(2 1/2), takes great glee in being allowed to open the front  door of our house on Tuesday nights to welcome the members of our Tuesday night Bible study. As soon a a knock is heard or the door bell rings, she races to the door to greet them by name and offer up a sweet hug. Everyone enjoys that, especially Hailey. She was adorned in her favorite yellow dress last night in which she posed for all. She was ready to answer the door. Are we? When our Master returns, will we be ready to run to the door all dressed up and ready to go? Will we be adorned with obedience, lamps filled with oil? Or will we want to run to the closet to grab the vacuum and dash about trying to do some last minute “cleaning up”? Since we have no idea as to when He will return, we must either be ever-prepared or risk being rebuked for not having been about His business and ready. Jesus gives several additional examples in this passage. He says that if the head of the house had known the hour the thief was coming, he would have been ready. Likewise, He states in verse 40 that the return of the Son of Man will be at an hour we do not expect. I learned early on as a minister that it was much less embarrassing for people if I called ahead before visiting people in their homes. Some people’s homes were indeed always clean and ready for guests. Many the time was though when I would ring the door bell and hear frantic whisperings behind the door saying “Quick, clean up its the minister”. This is followed by the sound of clinking bottles and the spray of air fresheners before the door is opened. Which of these scenarios would best describe your reaction if today was the day when He comes unannounced to your door?

May God bless your heart as you seek His.


  1. 40 day warning of the Rapture!

    There will very likely be a period of 40 days in between the dead in Christ rising and the rapture of the church. This event is foreshadowed in Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. Remember that many of the dead saints ‘came out of the grave’ and appeared to many in the 40 day time period before Jesus’ Ascension.

    The ‘day of the Lord’ does come as a thief in the night (1 Thes 5:2). However, in the 5th verse we’re told that we as believers we are not in the darkness that that day should not overtake us as a thief. Therefore we’re told to watch in verse 6. What are we watching for? Watch for the dead in Christ to rise!

    For further study on why 40 days (and 40 years) is a significant time period, take a look at the occurence of it throughout scripture. For one example, Jonah spent 40 days in Nineveh warning the people of God’s impending judgement that they would be destroyed.

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