Posted by: bshelley | May 7, 2009

Been Broken Lately?


Today’s Verse: Psalm 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise. NASB

People suffer from one of two conditions all too often. Low self esteem is a root problem for many. Christians, of all people, should never suffer from low self esteem. That is, not if we are looking to the correct and authoritative source for our estimation of worth. God says that you are worth the very life blood of His Son. Who then are we to argue that? The other condition even Christians can suffer is from the opposite problem. We can get really full of ourselves. As a friend of mine says, “We start to think that we are it and a bag of chips.” Let’s just put out there that another saying, “Pride goes before a fall” should suffice to counter that. God wants us to know that we are of infinite worth to Him. He sent His Son to deliver that message. However, God also desires us to have a proper estimation of ourselves beyond that. He desires humility. The broken spirit and contrite and broken heart are all about not taking personal credit for what God is doing in and through our lives. Our is to be a life lived with the desire to bring glory and honor to Him. Invariably if we toil in His vineyard faithfully, notice will be taken and lauds raised. We must make sure the only bow we take is before God to set it all at His feet.

May God bless your heart as you seek His.


  1. We maybe of highest value in Him because of Christ but we still remain nothing before Him.

  2. Mike, I would say that it is our meritorious deeds which are like worthless rags before Him (Isa. 64:6). We are worth the life of His Son. That is an infinite value. Bryan

  3. Bryan, low self esteem is a weapon that Satan uses to keep us in bondage. It makes us feel unworthy of anything good, thus, we cannot do great things for God’s kingdom. Thinking low of oneself is sin just as thinking more of yourself is. We have worth because Christ lives in us. Therefore, thoughts of unworthinness should have no place in our mind. The first thing I notice when I teach bible study to the female prisoners at our county jail is that they all are where they are because they did not believe that they were worthy of all that God wanted t give them.

    We do not deserve to have God’s favor, but Christ paid for us to have everything good so that it is not of ourselves.

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