Posted by: bshelley | March 27, 2009

“All hat and no cattle”


Today’s Verse: Leviticus 4:32 But if he brings a lamb as his offering for a sin offering , he shall bring it, a female without defect. NASB

I don’t know about you, but I am so very glad that we are not living under the Old Covenant of the Law. My instructor for Levitical Sacrificial Systems once commented that if we were living under that system, he would be a very poor rancher (or shepherd) indeed. It was one sacrifice for one sin, or limited atonement back then. He said that it would not have been very many days before his entire herd would have been wiped out. I resemble that remark. In Texas, they would call it “All hat and no cattle”. In Christ we have full atonement. That’s church words for “He paid for it all”. In Christ, we don’t need another blood sacrifice for every sin thankfully. He died for every single one of them once for all. He died for sins committed before and after our baptism into His authority. We are told to confess our sins once we are in Him (1 John 1:9). Simply said, the word confess means to agree with God that what we have done was sin. It is for us, not Him we do that. We need to stay aware of when we sin and remain ever thankful for His grace and the blood that covers all and makes them white as snow. No bull, lamb or dove required. Thank You Lord for Your provision and grace. Amen

May God bless your heart as your seek His.


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