Posted by: bshelley | March 25, 2009

His holy arm bared!


Today’s Verse: Isaiah 52:10 The Lord has bared His holy arm in the sight of all the nations, That all the ends of the earth may see the salvation of our God. NASB

What a powerful picture this brings to mind of God rolling up His sleeves in preparation to do a mighty work. When God foreordained His redemptive plan for all mankind, He began the process of preparation for the peak of human history. Everything before was in readiness pointing all history towards that one moment. All that has happened since are the result of that moment and the achievement of that plan now through God’s people, the church. God rolled up His sleeve is a picture of strength and of self-revelation. That high point of history when Jesus who died on a cross to bear our sins then three days later to rise up as the firstborn of the New Covenant God had made is the watershed moment in time of all history. Here in Isaiah, we see that revelation of God’s plan not just for the Jews, but for all the nations. As many as would accept His redemptive act as a gift and be reconciled to God Himself are saved. What a picture. What a God we serve. The harvest is ready.

May God bless your heart as you seek His.


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