Posted by: bshelley | March 23, 2009

As to the Lord


Today’s Verse: Ephesians 6:7 “With good will render  service, as to the Lord, and not to men,” NASB

I saw a notice yesterday that Lynn Anderson will be speaking in Bakersfield, CA May 1st through 3rd on leadership in the church. He wrote “They Smell Like Sheep 1 &2” and several other great books. I mentioned to one of the men at our church that I knew Lynn since he had been the interim at the church we attended in Austin, TX before going into ministry. I then felt it necessary to qualify what I had just said. Actually, I have met Lynn probably 4 or 5 times but he would not recognize me from Adam. I used to thrive on the recognition of others and the thought that I “knew” such a notable person would have been kudos for my ego. Today, I can honestly say that Lynn would not recognize me and that’s OK. What I do, I do for the Lord. What recognition I desire for what I do, I desire from Jesus at the end of the race. What ministry we extend to others in His name, should be just that; for His glory, not ours. It has been a long road of self discovery for me to the realization that it is my value in His eyes alone that matters. The only name we need to be “dropping” as Christians is that of Jesus Christ. The service that we render in ministry needs to be only unto Him and for Him. He recognizes us and that’s all that eternally matters!

May God bless you as you  seek His heart.



  1. Yes indeed,I enjoyed your post for sure.
    Numbers 6:24~26

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement Patty Ann! God bless. Bryan

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