Posted by: bshelley | February 5, 2009

The Goal of Life


Today’s Verse: Philippians 3:16 however, let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained. NASB

Having a clarity of what our goals are is always paramount to their achievement. It is when we lose sight of the target on the horizon that we begin to drift. Paul certainly knew this in his own life and is admonishing us to be wary as well. In verse 17 he goes the extra mile that most of us would be so very reluctant to say out loud. He says essentially, “follow my example as I follow Christ’s”. To have a firm grip on or to know “The” goal of life is perhaps to far too many Christians seemingly just out of our reach. Somehow not quite comprehensible. Or maybe is it too big of a pill to swallow? Paul says that the goal is living our lives by God’s standards as set forth in His word. Seems too easy? Maybe too easily dismissed or ignored in our every day lives, but that does not make it any the less “The” goal. Once we have made the commitment to Christ as Savior and Lord, our focus, our path, our goal is to live as Christ lived. To follow His example, which is captured for us in the writings and teachings in God’s word in the New Testament, is what we are to be about as disciples. A simple truth and yet a truth of eternal consequence. Keep your eyes on the standard “as you press toward the goal”. In this life, living in accordance with God’s standard is the goal.

May God bless your heart as you seek His.


  1. Those were such great thoughts, Bryan. I was thinking as I read your article that if we purposed in our heart to live as Christ lived, our fears and anxious thoughts in this life would be lifted. Because Christ lived his life in complete trust that the Father would take him through to finish the work he had to do. No matter how much opposition he had, Jesus kept his eyes on his Father in heaven. He knew that there was a time for all things and his circumstance could not stop the plan that God set forth for him.

    What would my life be like if followed his example? How much power would I have agains the obstacles of my life if I could just trust that God’s perfect plan for me cannot be stopped?!

    I pray that all who read your message get the powerful truth that there is no better place to be than in the center of God’s will. Follow in the way of Jesus!

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