Posted by: bshelley | February 4, 2009

Things above


Today’s Verse: Colossians 3:2 Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. NASB

I have heard the opposite of this before. It goes, “You can get so heavenly focused that you are no earthly good.” Hmmm. No doubt you could write a series of sermons and devotionals on this dilemma. I want us to ponder the thought today of what it means to “set our minds on the things above”. That would certainly be the opposite of being focused on the worries of this world would it not? Jesus instructs us not to do that. (Matthew 6:25-34) He says that we have no need to dwell on such thing as the Father will provide all of our needs. In fact, He concludes with “But seek first His kingdom”. Very much akin to our verse for today. For some, they get what could be called “analysis paralysis” or in this case, holiness paralysis. Jesus says that we are to be doers and not just hearers. So what we must seek is balance. Frankly, I think most Christians spend far less time in God’s word and prayer than they should. That’s why we see so many “worldly” Christians rather than “world class” ones. So we must exercise care here to strive for balance. The balance Jesus promotes is that which seeks first God’s guidance and blessing and then takes action. It is not study and pursuit of holiness to the exclusion of actually being salt and light. It is however the result of seeking Christ’s likeness in the knowledge of His example found in scripture. We are to “set” or to prepare our minds and then to act. That is the balance of the Christian life lived in His strength before a world that desperately needs disciples devoted to make a difference to God’s glory.

May God bless your heart as you seek His.


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