Posted by: bshelley | January 22, 2009



Today’s Verse: Romans 11:33 Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable are His ways! NASB

One of my dumbest stunts as a kid was a time in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I was in the 8th grade. Our house was quite a bit higher up and a ways back from the street below. A friend of mine was visiting from Texas and we decided it might be fun to ride bikes full-tilt down the steep hill and get airborne on the other side where there was about a four-foot drop into the deep (and tree filled) yard across the street. We did the normal, “I’ll do it if you do it” routine and I was to go first. I careened off down the hill, fortunately no cars were coming, and got some really great “air” right before slamming into a big tree. Fortunately, my dad grabbed Pierce by the collar as he began his faithful descent and saved him some pain. I was a bit battered, but ok. I had not given much thought to what might happen if I rode down that hill other than a very surface level thought that it might be fun. Far too often we are what I’ll call “surface thinkers”. We take other people’s word for things that we should actually spend time giving more than a cursory thought. Our eternal destiny is one of them. When was the last time that we sat down with a Bible in our lap and truly studied God’s word for ourselves? Not what someone else is telling us, but what God is telling us in His word. The depth of the riches of God’s wisdom is available to us. Will we pause to ponder its depths and knowledge?

May God richly bless your heart as you seek His.


  1. That wonderful verse is probably another way of saying that God’s ways and his thoughts are so much higher than ours. It reminds me of how I will go in prayer and ask God for something in my life and then feel I have to tell him how to do it!

    That verse you quoted goes on to say, “Who has known the mind of God and who has been his counselor?” Don’t we all think that we have to help God in his ways? Or when our faith wanes and we think God won’t show up in time to help.

    Bryan, I pray that we all learn the truth that God’s
    plans are the best and he doesn’t need our help, but he does want us to believe even when we don’t see it happening. Nothing will give God more honor than for us to trust that God can get us out of the furnace of our afflictions.

    You are an example of trust in the face of trial.


  2. I don’t really know what Paul was focused on exactly, but if we read the words “depth of riches of wisdom” for their literal value, it sounds as if a person cannot exhaust, ever, the secrets to life (God’s wisdom). So, part of the adventure in life after 50, is to delve deeper and deeper into the wealth, or riches, of life’s secrets.

    Keep blogging and helping others uncover the secrets available for discovery.

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