Posted by: bshelley | January 21, 2009

Sliding Scale


Today’s Verse: Psalm 71:9 Do not cast me off in the time of old age; Do not forsake me when my strength fails. NASB

It is curious how what one thinks of as being old is on a sliding scale. I can remember when my mom and dad were talking about attending dad’s 40th high school reunion in Clarendon, Texas. I could not imagine a 40th anniversary. Yet, just last week I got an encouraging note from a high school classmate of mine. He asked me to go on the SGHS ’72 website and put in some updates about my cancer treatment and what’s going on in my life. Yikes, we just had our 35th anniversary two years ago which means in three years…my 4oth!!! Well, it just doesn’t seem so old from this new perspective for sure. So, what is old age? I am not sure anymore. It seems to be when one runs out of things to do and health gets lost somewhere in the process. I love this “prayer of an old man for deliverance”. God does not put us on a shelf to collect dust. Neither does He forsake us when our own strength fails. Rater He provides a family of Christian brothers and sisters that truly love us because God loves us. They provide a bounty of love and prayer in times of needs reflecting God’s love. What a wonder it is how we are cared for regardless of our situation, health or even chronological age. God indeed does not cast us off in old age nor does He let us down when our own strength fails. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and loving care throughout our pilgrimage into His likeness.

May God bless your heart as you seek His.

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