Posted by: bshelley | January 7, 2009

No condemnation!


Today’s Verse: Romans 8:1 Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. NASB

Our small group Tuesday night had a discussion on God’s promises related to atonement. The conversation led to being forgiven, but not willing or able to forget sins of the past. That is a tough one is it not? God says He will get the remembrance of sins forgiven as far away as East is from the West or to the bottom of the sea. Either way, the allusion is to the fact that forgiven sin is forgotten sin to the Father. One of the consequences of sin however is that is often not so easy for us. One of Satan’s best tricks is to convince us that we are not worthy and not forgiven. If he cannot keep us from being in Christ through confession and baptism, then he wants us to be ineffective. If he can convince us that we are just barely saved or possibly not, we will certainly not be out sharing what we cannot see as “Good News”. So, if one is in Christ what is the truth? Today’s verse says it all. “There is now no condemnation.” If we can truly move that knowledge from our head to our heart of hearts, the  joy of our salvation will be more complete and why would we not want to tell everyone about this freedom from the burden and guilt of sin? Think of it like this, if God says He has forgiven your sins and you go before Him and ask for forgiveness again, are you not calling Him a liar? Brutal question, but a very appropriate one. Chew on that one for a bit and then let God’s truth sink in and let a big grin take over your demeanor for you stand forgiven…no condemnation! Hallelujah indeed!!!

May God bless your heart as you seek His.



  1. i don’t think asking God for forgiveness for something already forgiven is akin to calling God a liar. Instead, as the father of fathers, I believe it is another opportunity for him to remind us that we are indeed forgiven. He understands our doubts and inability to (at times) forgive ourselves. And you are so right in saying that if and when we really understand the depth that our forgiveness goes it is at that point that we are able to live a life that is truly free.


  2. Isn’t it great that we can approach God with such confidence. He’s not an embittered father who is going to sneer at our every mistake, but pick us up and heal our wounds.

    Thanks for your words!


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