Posted by: bshelley | January 2, 2009

Springs without water


Today’s Verse: 2 Peter 2:17 For these are springs without water and mists driven by a storm, for whom the black darkness has been reserved. NASB

We live about an hour and a half from Yosemite National Park in California these days. You know how it is, when people come to see you they want to go see the sites. In San Antonio, Texas it is the Alamo. Out here on the left coast, one such site  is Yosemite. Understandably. In the spring, the large rock cliffs and gushing waterfalls are indeed breathtaking. It is like standing in a post card! Friends from Canada came to see us in October and of course wanted to see the sites. I took them out to Yosemite regaling them the whole way with verbal descriptions of what beauty they were about to see. Ok, so we’ve only been here a year and who knew that when the snow had all melted the waterfalls turn off.  The one that did have water looked more like somebody was just beyond our view with a water hose letting it drip down the face of the cliff where only months before you couldn’t even get close because of the powerful water mists. The apostle Peter is speaking here about false prophets. He says you can test them with the word. There are many today as then who take a verse out of context and do with it what they will, not God. It sounds good until you look a little closer and find out that there is no living water in their message. It tickles the ear but there is no sustenance. How can you avoid such? Study the real deal. Read God’s word. Look at the context of what is being taught for yourself. What may be advertised as a waterfall may leave you with nothing, or worse, a false and untrue dry spring with naught but emotionalism. Thank You Lord for Your word we can read for ourselves and receive living water that sustains our very souls.

May God bless your heart as you seek His.



  1. Wow,that just drew me in and funny,yet right to the point.I am always encouraging other Christians to stay in the word of God for your self,it is very important.Love in Christ

  2. Good message Bryan as always. Reminds me of when God showed up in the middle of Job’s testing and spoke saying, “Who darkens my counsel with words without knowledge?”in reference to the advice given by Job’s so called friends. Wow! God was angry and had Job pray for his friends so that he wouldn’t punish them for the bad counsel they gave to Job.

    God takes seriously the messages of those who speak for him and we better take it serious also. The last thing I want to do is speak with words without knowledge!

    The false evangelist and preachers that are around everywhere had better repent before it is too late.

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