Posted by: bshelley | December 23, 2008

Do not be partakers with them


Today’ Verse: Ephesians 5:7 “Therefore do not be partakers with them;” NASB

How far are we to go as those who are to be in the world and yet not of the world in casting the seed of the Good News? For far too many, it is a mute point because they just don’t get involved with evangelism at all. This is not for them but rather you who may be struggling and desirous of sharing whenever and however you can. We are to become more like Christ (vv.1-2). Jesus was out in the world, but certainly never of it so if all we needed was a good example, He’s it. He confronted those who were puffed up religious people for being hypocrites. He witnessed and met the basic needs of many along the way. Along the way is the way that we can be most effective because it becomes who we are all the time. We don’t have to wait fro a mission trip or a special work day or benevolence drive. We just witness and serve as we go. Wherever we go. Now, hopefully the kinds of places we go would leave us above reproach in terms of our own moral perception. We do not have to get down into the mud to witness to the pigs. We can stand at the fence and offer genuine assistance instead of judgementalism. For most, that would be seen as refreshing. We can serve and witness along our ways each day without becoming partakers of worldliness with them.

May God bless your heart as you seek His.


  1. Hi Bryan,
    You are right to say that we need to be acutely aware that we need to set our standards to being like Christ as we reach the lost. This world is deceitful and seeks to pull us back to it.
    We need to stay grounded and focused and most importantly, prayed up. The enemy is always trying to bring down Christians.

    God bless you Bryan.

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