Posted by: bshelley | November 27, 2008

The joy of His presence


Today’s Verse: Psalm 95:1 O come let us sing for joy to the Lord, Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation. NASB

It is Thanksgiving Day as I write this and things can get a bit harried with family and friends and all the preparation that goes into the day’s festivities. As we prepare to sit down and partake of this meal and fellowship, the relative peace we enjoy even in the midst of kids running about and so on is comforting. In a way, it is like almost every day. We get up, get busy and live our lives. Wash still has to be done, jobs have to be fulfilled and kids need an endless number of diapers and hugs and food. The cat wants in if it is out and out if it is in. News of disasters around the world beam in via the cable news and there is seemingly no time just to sit, be still and pray. My day started with time in God’s presence and that always makes such a difference in my demeanor and ability to withstand what may come as the day progresses. In the midst of the storm of activity, frivolity, sports and food, there is a rock on which I stand. Not a physical place, but more importantly, a spiritual rock. It is an unmoving place of peace and truth and love and unconditional acceptance. It makes me just want to take a moment and whisper a song of joy raised up to my heavenly Father for this place that is truly what I like to think of as His lap. All the warmth of the assurance of His steadfastness and salvation rush in like a wave of His endless and wonderful love. With the world whirling all about us, we can always pause for just that moment to sit with Him and enjoy the joy of His presence. I do so with sincere thanksgiving.

As always, may God bless your heart as you seek His.


  1. Yes indeed,very well said.
    Love in Christ

  2. Very encouraging message. In the midst of the storm…there is a rock on which I stand.
    I love that truth! While the world may be crumbling, we are not standing on this earth but on the promise that Christ died to give us. The sinking sand of a perishing world cannot take down believers whose eyes are on God!

    Thanks for the reminders.

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