Posted by: bshelley | October 31, 2008

Love and Steadfastness

Today’s Verse: 2 Thessalonians 3:5 May the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ. NASB

The word “direct” here is a translation of a Greek word meaning to make a smooth and direct road to something. The reference to the Lord here is speaking of Christ Jesus. So it is Jesus that that is helping us to go on a straight smooth path into the love of God. That is a beautiful thought on several levels. We are, because of Christ’s sacrifice, in God’s good graces and love. We are also to engender that love in our lives towards others as God does towards us and all. The second part is the one where I tend to be more challenged. The steadfastness of Christ is speak of His patience. Especially when I get tired, I am more like the bad doctor…”with no patients”. I want others to be patient with me, because I understand all the complications in my life that are causing me to mess up or fall short at times. However, I am all too quick to call someone who sits at a stoplight turn signal oblivious to the need to move on (i.e., out of my way) a “duck brain”. Maybe it is because of or maybe in spite of God’s knowing our heart’s motivation that God shows patience towards us. We certainly see in scripture several times where Jesus is wondering how long it would take for the disciples to “get it”. Yet He stuck with them through thick and thin and accomplished His mission on earth with sinless purity. What an example for us to follow. It is indeed a high bar He sets, but it shows us that it can be, in God’s love and strength, accomplished. Let us be on that smooth and direct road in God’s love today with expressions of that love towards others in the patience of Christ.

May God richly bless your heart as you seek His.

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