Posted by: bshelley | September 26, 2008

The God of peace be with you all

Today’s Verse: Romans 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen. NASB

I had a 1949 delivery truck during my brief stint as a “hippie” in the early seventies. I got it for $150 and it was worth every penny. I painted the interior with black spray paint and adorned the rear window with a “peace sign” sticker. This was the waning days of Viet Nam and we were all due for our turn in the draft lottery. In retrospect, Donnie Osmond had longer hair than I did and I did not have or give off much by way of peace. My dear parents patiently and prayerfully waited for either a call from the Highway Patrol or for me to come to my senses. Given the chance, I would happily redo that period of my life. Knowing what I do now, choices of God’s peace rather than the false peace offered by those who are always waiting to prey on youthful angst would have yielded a much richer time. But alas, all we can seek is God’s forgiveness and offer the same prayerful patience to our own children and offer advice that will likely not be comprehended until the magic age of twenty five is reached by the recipients. The God of peace patiently waits always with outstretched arms ready to embrace and offer safe harbor amidst life’s storms. Oh what a comfort that is to me now. Just to snuggle up into His lap in prayer and know that whatever is going on around me is in His trusted control. How many hours, days and years we fritter away in an attempt to control our lives and destiny with little or no regard for His good will. I am well beyond the age of twenty five at this point, but some of this is finally starting to make real sense to me. Though I walk in the midst of a firestorm in life at this point, I know nothing of it but God’s peace. It is an incredible thing. I pray for you today just as the apostle Paul did so many years ago that regardless of your circumstances, “the God of peace be with you all.” I would add, “and always.”

Father, what a joy it is to be in your arms enjoying Your peace. Hold me tight. I pray your blessings on all those who would pass this way. Amen.

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-romans-15_33



  1. Bryan we are praying for your healing and peace. Really love your blog.

    -In Christ Alone,
    Lynda, Woodward Park C of C

  2. Hey Big Guy,
    I certainly love your attitude. We are all praying for you and for your recovery.
    You take care,
    Your Brother,

  3. I liked your hippie story. We all get a lot smarter as we grow past the confusion of our youth. I am glad that God has given you clearer eyes to see with. I will be praying for your mental and physical health. It takes both to stay with God on the journey you’re on. May he bless you every single day with smiles and assurance.


    Dear Debbie and Bryan,

    Mary Lou called me yesterday and shared with me your illness, Bryan. I knew nothing of it.

    David is visiting me this weekend and he found your blog on the computer. It was a beautiful article.

    I’m deeply saddened and you both will be in my prayers to our Father.

    I love you both,

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