Posted by: bshelley | September 25, 2008

Heart Truth

Today’s Verse: 1 Corinthians 6:17 But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him. NASB

What an incredible thing to have as reality in ones life! Because we have joined ourselves with God in Christ, we are one spirit with Him. I had to stop and let that one sink in a bit. Okay, I know these kinds of things intellectually and even spiritually at some level, but knowing and “knowing” are sometimes the distance from the brain to the heart. For certain truths in my life, that can be a very long distance and time. It needn’t be, but that’s another devotional or three on how I got the way I am. Since my mom reads these pages, I do want her to know that I no longer blame her making me wear khaki pants as a child as the primary reason for my imbalance. But I digress… How do we make that connection though between mind and heart? Seriously, what does it take to improve the flow of truth from the brain to the heart? I would submit that it might just be through testing. Just like when someone who means well says, “I know what you are going through” yet that is not something they have personally experienced. Maybe it has to become part of us as we have experience to give truth a heart context. We can never really appreciate Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for our sins until we have a profound awakening to the fact that it is “our” sin for which He died and truly feel that bent over brokenness for having caused such a thing. The truth certainly goes to the heart then, and it even hurts, but we “know” it. It becomes heart truth. All heart truths are not painful either are they? Some, like knowing true love at a depth one can only dream of at romance’s first blush can become real at an unfathomable level after long years of affection’s maturation into true love. Ask a couple who still hold hands in their 70’s and 80’s. Love is a heart truth for them. As we live out God-dependant lives of faith, our oneness of spirit with Him becomes heart truth. Oh, it was true all along, but we did not really appreciate it as we do after a life lived in Him.

Thank you Lord for giving us Your Spirit in out hearts. Help us grow to a true appreciation of all Your blessings. Amen

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-1-corinthians-6_17



  1. Through the use of technology we have become more connected and your daily devotionals have been a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us. My prayers are with you and Debby during this “roller coaster” ride of emotions and decisions. In seeking the heart of God…you have touched the lives of many and made a lasting impression!

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