Posted by: bshelley | September 23, 2008

Strong in the Lord!

Today’s Verse: Ephesians 6:10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. NASB

First of all, I would apologize for the abrupt gap in my daily devotionals. As many of you might have heard, I have been in the hospital suddenly for the last ten days. My breathing became much more difficult and they discovered I had blood clots in my lungs and left leg. That ultimately led to the discovery that I had a grapefruit sized malignant tumor in my liver and more in my colon. Needless to say, hearing this kind of news before breakfast is a bit surreal. I was released yesterday and will begin chemo treatments next week for six months. I am so very thankful that God made our bodies to give off warning signs. If the blood clots had not caused me external problems, I would no doubt have been much worse off in a very short time. An untested faith is a weak faith. Mine and my wife’s have certainly been tested in the past few days and no doubt will be more so in the following months. Our reaction has been some shared tears certainly, but it has also been one of recognizing that God is in control of our lives and we are ever so thankful for His love and compassion through what might have otherwise been such dark hours. For us, instead of darkness, there is light. Instead of hopelessness, we have assurance. Instead of discouragement, we have received hundreds of messages of encouragement and promises of prayers lifted up on our behalf. There are too many blessings and answers to prayers already to count. I am, as of 8:15 am September 18, 2008, a cancer survivor. God is my strength and my salvation. Regardless of where this path leads we will sing His praises and pray that whatever we do glorifies Him. Our strength comes from Him and the “strength of His might”.

Thank you Lord for testing faith that it might grow. Thank you for opportunities to be witnesses for your loving kindness in the trials of life. We can claim no immunity from difficulty who are in you, yet we have a peace and assurance that those who are without do not know. Let the testimony of our lives be your light shining through. Amen.

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-ephesians-6_10



  1. Hi Bryan, thank you for your sweet testimony about God’s faithfulness in really difficult situations! I’m glad that you are safe, and I will pray for your future treatments. Bless you!

  2. Bryan,
    Happy you are home where I know you want to be. Many prayers continue for you and Debby and the family during this challenging time. You are an inspiration to all of us, teaching us how to live in Christ in all circumstances.

  3. Hi Bryan, Thank you for your inspiring testimony. You are in my prayers.

  4. Hey Bryan,
    We have been thinking about you and praying. We had a little info here and there from a couple sources, but didn’t know much. Thanks for the update. At least you have a good wife and some classmates in your area to lean on. Keep growing and using this experience to build your faith.
    In Christ,

  5. “Thanks” does not express the depth of gratitude we have in our hearts for all the wonderful words of encouragement. God bless you all! Bryan

  6. Brother Bryan,
    We are grateful that God has moved you from patient to survivor!! We are praying fervently along with another 150 here that God will heal you completely. We are encouraged by the faith of you and your wife as we lift you up to God. Keep The Faith!!
    In His Glorious Name

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