Posted by: bshelley | September 5, 2008


Today’s Verse: Colossians 3:2 Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. NASB

I was laughing yesterday with a friend about how we were both having to put on reading glasses to figure out what was on the menu at a restaurant we were stopped at for lunch. I have been fortunate to have always had 20/20 vision and still do out beyond arms length. However, when the forties hit, several things changed including my reading-range vision. I explained that I had tried several solutions to avoid having to wear reading glasses which my vanity tells me makes me look older. I tried getting one reading contact for my left eye which, after I got somewhat used to it worked fairly well under normal circumstances. The problem was in the pulpit, I usually have my Bible open on the left and my sermon outline on the right. I had to turn my head to get my left eye focused on my sermon. It appeared as if I was looking out the window or something and people would look to see what I was looking at. Then, I tried bi-focal contacts. What a disaster that was! I got up in the pulpit and I felt like Marty Feldman or Barney Google (I date myself) with walleye vision. They made me physically ill. So, vanity put aside, I wear reading glasses. I do refuse to wear a neck chain on them. That said to talk about focus. All that frustration and effort poured into just trying to focus on a piece of paper; focus on what was within two feet of my face. Our spiritual focus is to be well beyond that which is even in this world. We are to focus our hearts, spirit and mind on that which is above and from above. Spiritually, we should be using binoculars rather than magnifying glasses. If we worried lass about the annoying little details of our daily lives and had that long view of God’s ways in our sights all day long, we would certainly be able to weather little bumps and not be bothered by worldly concerns like how old our glasses make us look. Vanity of vanities.

Lord, help me to put on my spiritual glasses to focus on the things above. Use me this day to be of useful service to you and those around me. Thank You for the vision You impart. Amen.

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-colossians-3_2


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