Posted by: bshelley | September 4, 2008

Beyond Self

Today’s Verse: Romans 15:1 Now we who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves. NASB

Most of people’s prayers and efforts go into one thing, making sure they are taken care of first. We lift up problems that we have and ask for God’s help that we might be more “pleased.” I ask that you first ask Him to shed light on that area of your heart and reveal the truth to you before you dismiss this out of hand. Understand, too that this is not just me standing on the high ground and declaring that everyone else has a problem and I’m the one who can see it. As the saying goes, “I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet.” (Amos 7:14) I even work for a non-profit organization. I am talking about myself. My daily efforts for the most part are bent towards pleasing myself or making sure I remain comfortable. Lately, I have been feeling nauseous most of the time. I think it is a result of some new medicine I am taking. However, I am so used to feeling good, that this minor discomfort is center stage in my thoughts and prayers. All around me are those with chronic illness and pain issues with which I cannot even begin to empathize. There is quite a gap between my prayer life, my service to others and Christ’s likeness. So big in fact that I don’t even want to talk about it. How about you? Yet God puts this verse right in my path for today. There are two key principles in this verse we need to internalize and live out in both our physical and spiritual lives. The first is that the strong ought to bear the weak. The second is that we are not to be intent on pleasing ourselves. I don’t know about you, but if I am brutally honest with myself, the reality of my life and walk fall very short of these two principles. There is a terrible saying about us as Christians. “The Christian army is the only one who shoots its own wounded.” Well, I may not be guilty of shooting the wounded, but I certainly struggle with impatience with the spiritually weak. Christ taught by serving others. Christ gave every fiber of His being to please the Father.

Lord, I confess my failure in getting beyond self to service. Hear my prayers this day for only the needs of others. Strengthen me to be focused on pleasing only You and serving others in Your name. Amen.

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-romans-15_1



  1. I missed reading your blog during my vacation. It gives me such peace to know that I am not alone in my struggles to become more like Him.

    God bless you, my brother…

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement. As a fellow author, you know that the big blank screen every day can seem too big sometimes. Your thoughts are always an inspriation to me. God bless. Bryan

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