Posted by: bshelley | August 22, 2008

Price Tag

Today’s Verse: John 19:17 They took Jesus, therefore, and He went on out, bearing His own cross, to the place called the Place of a Skull, which is called in Hebrew, Golgotha. NASB

Low self esteem is a chronic problem in the human condition. Attempts to compensate appear in things like workaholism, rageaholism, alcoholism, sex addiction, pursuit of fame or power, drug abuse and codependency. Although Christians should be immune to these, too many are not because they have failed to comprehend a most profound truth linked to the cross itself. How much is something worth? If you go to an auction for instance, an item is worth whatever someone was willing to pay for it, right? As God’s children, we should never have problems with self esteem. Think about how much God was willing to pay for you. He was willing to pay the price of His Son’s life on a cross that you might be reconciled to Him. That is an incredibly high price paid for you. You are worth Jesus’ life. Have you ever really internalized that fundamental truth? You have infinite and eternal value in Christ. If you have been looking to material things or other people to fulfill you and establish your self worth, you are looking to wrong things. I offer up this reminder. Whenever you see a cross, think of it as a price tag. It is your price tag. It says that you are worth incredibly much to God. A while back I bought a bunch of inexpensive little crosses at a Christian book store and kept one or two in my pocket all the time ready to give away. It is a simple yet life transforming lesson that is easily spoken into people’s lives. I pray that God will speak to your heart today as He is revealing the truth about how very much you are worth to Him.

Lord as I meditate on the price You willingly paid for me, I am humbled. You have established my self esteem not linked to worldly estimations, but to the priceless value of Your Son. Thank You for letting me see how much I am worth to You. May the vision of the cross always serve as a reminder of that profound truth. Let me serve this day and always knowing that I serve a risen Savior in whom I find infinite self esteem and assurance of eternity with my heavenly Father who has placed such a high price on my head. Amen

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-john-19_172



  1. I need a reminder like this. I’ve saved this devotional into my permanent online rollodex to read again and again. Bless you, brother.

  2. Good post Bryan,

    I am big on a person deepening their identity “in Christ” and finding our rightness only in Christ.

    Why? Because if we don’t find out rightness in Christ, we will find our rightness in something else. Our self esteem problem is directly related to finding our “rightness’ in something other than Jesus.

    Anyhow, I have a couple of BlOGS related to this topic:

    I would appreciate some feedback on this as always.

    I actually deleted my post on polemicism. It did not live up to my standards as I thought it over some more so thanks for your comments there as well.


  3. I actually did not give out the link I wanted above so here are two more topic links. Finding yourself in Christ is the one I had intended. Stop by and comment.


  4. The idea behind vertical and horizontal intimacy is just think how bold we could be in our relationships with others people in our lives that we love IF we could find out identity deeply in Christ.

    We would not have to spin or repress the truth about ourselves. In Christ our victory was already won! Amen!

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