Posted by: bshelley | August 15, 2008

Then he was not

Today’s Verse: Genesis 5:24 Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him. NASB

Enoch had lived for three hundred and sixty-five years. Not a bad run. Then, poof. “He was not.” My twenty-something daughter commented the other day after the news report of another celebrity death how weird it was that all these people were dying “all of a sudden.” Mortality is real, but to the young it is seemingly forever away. I am certain that many do not take their standing before God and other spiritual matters too seriously as it seems like something else they can put off for later, like worrying about retirement. Unless Jesus returns for us first, we all have that appointment with death. If we are in Christ, the sting of death has been removed. It may certainly require the endurance of some temporary pain on this side, but ultimately we step through from this existence into eternity in God’s brilliant and loving presence. Would it not be too wonderful if, like Enoch (Heb. 11:5), God would decide that we not have to see death and poof, we’re outta here! It is not until one is able to understand the consequences of their sin and their own mortality that they fully realize the need to come to terms with life and death. Once that is accepted, one can truly begin to live more fully. A saving relationship with Christ produces joy in this life and the assurance of eternity with Him. That knowledge give us the real freedom to live unshackled to the fear of death and dying that those who have yet to face this decision point lack. There is within the heart of the saved a peace that comes only from Him. To be honest, I am as pain avoidant as any. I see this verse and think how wonderful for Enoch that he was spared death. I often pray, Lord Jesus come soon. Yet, if I must walk through death’s door that more might be saved, then so be it. I also pray, Lord please just give us a little more time that we might introduce one more to You. Your will be done.

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-genesis-5_24



  1. Great post. Wonderful thoughts right before a weekend. I love the story of Enoch…as much of it as we know so far. I can’t wait to ask Enoch a few questions some day.

    This is the critical dynamic, though, isn’t it? The struggle between wanting to go and not wanting to leave unfinished business…

    Have a great weekend.

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