Posted by: bshelley | August 13, 2008

Go for the Gusto

Today’s Verse: Ecclesiastes 2:1 I said to myself, “Come now, I will test you with pleasure. So enjoy yourself.” And behold, it too was futility. NASB

Anytime you see someone quoting from the book of Ecclesiastes, caution should be in the offing. It is at its core a book of flawed philosophies of life. By contrasts, it ultimately points to the only thing that meets our innermost needs as humans for true fulfillment. Chapter two down through verse 11 is the “Go for the Gusto” and “If it feels good do it” philosophy. How many of us have chased pleasure to meet our needs? We live in a world that is rife with opportunities to partake of as many bites of the apple as we would. The kind of content one can hardly avoid on the Internet is like all things worldly on steroids. We are encouraged to grab what we can and to squeeze the last drop of pleasure from virtually everything. If something becomes too much work or no longer pleases us, well, its off to something newer, more exciting, more titillating more pleasurable than the last. As a result, relationships like plastics become recyclable. The advantage we have as careful readers of Ecclesiastes is that we do not have to go there, get the t-shirt or sustain the emotional and self-esteem damage to ourselves to learn an important and eternal lesson. It is futility. It is empty promises, temporary happiness that is in reality a placebo for true inner joy. It is Satan’s cheap replacement for the real thing. We wake up the next morning wanting and feeling a little less of ourselves after chasing that rabbit. Our self esteem pays the price for our folly. Because we know the truth, we also recognize the thinly veneered substitute worldly pleasure is for true fulfillment. The writer concludes near the end of his life in chapter 12:13. “The conclusion, when all has been heard is: fear God and keep His commandments, because that applies to every person.” Don’t chase after the wind; seek God and His righteousness and be filled to overflowing with a joy that cannot be replaced or counterfeited.

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-ecclesiastes-2_1



  1. I really needed this at this time. It is 1:50 am where I am. I am going to bed. I have been chasing the rabbit tonight. Good night.

    I will check back on your site to see what you are writing. It looks good.

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