Posted by: bshelley | August 5, 2008

Giving Thankfulness to God

Today’s Verse: Psalm 118:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting. NASB

What do you get someone who has everything? You have likely asked yourself that before when pondering what gift to get someone for a birthday or some holiday. Too often we try to limit what we give to a certain dollar amount, but then the gift is supposed to be more thought than substance. What do you do with those gifts if you receive them? You know, the hula clock or the salt shakers shaped like two ends of an animal. Obviously, someone else’s answer to what to get someone who already has everything anyway is to choose the novel. We certainly appreciate the thought, but now where to display or store this new treasure? Ah, life’s little puzzles. Although there are many in this world with abundance and most in this country with more than plenty, God certainly would be at the top of the list of those who literally can have anything and everything they need. He can simply speak and it would exist. So, what does God desire as a gift from us? After all that He provides on a daily basis and even in the life of His Son for our forgiveness, what would He desire? He is the ultimate one who has everything, right? Hint, it is not a membership to the jelly of the month club. Nor is it any worldly thing. Knowing that indeed, “His lovingkindness is everlasting” deserves an adequate response. Throughout the scriptures God tells of that which He desires. It is within our grasp and ability to give regardless of our financial situation or age. God desires a relationship with us. He desires children who seek Him with hearts overflowing with thankfulness for the beauty of His creation and the bounty of His provision. Take time today to express your thankfulness to Him. “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.”

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-psalm-118_1


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