Posted by: bshelley | August 4, 2008

Shared Joy is Complete

Today’s Verse: 1 John 1:4 These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete. NASB

The apostle John writes the most powerful introductions. He proclaims what he has seen and heard that we might believe. There is no mistaking the force and power of his belief and his intent in writing down what God led him to write. All that said, then we see this peculiar line in verse four. It is as if he was not able to fully savor the joy of his salvation in this lifetime until he finished what God called on him to do. He faithfully wrote it down and as a result, he says it was then that his joy was made complete. Does your joy feel complete? If not, have you truly spent time pondering why not? Hopefully you are spending at least some time each day reading God’s word. Surely you are in His presence for at least moments during your day in prayer. Yet, there is that nagging feeling that there is yet some incompleteness in your Christian life. It possibly tugs at your heart a bit even now as you are probing its source. Let’s just put it right out there on the table. When was the last time you either wrote someone or shared in a conversation with someone about your faith in Jesus? (Long pause) We cannot bear eye and ear witness to Christ Jesus as John did. We were not there. However, we have his first hand account of those things which were taught and seen. Here is testimony from someone who literally walked with God incarnate. He ate, spoke, walked and even joked with Emanuel, God with us. Yet, he says that he could not fully experience God’s joy in his life until the story was shared. Do we really expect that we are any different? Jesus calls us to share the good news of God’s salvation. Do you sense that your joy is not what it could be? Pray today for some boldness. Share, that your joy too may be made complete.

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-1-john-1_4


  1. I don’t think we miss out on a lot of life by just not being joyful. God does want us to be joyful (which is different than happy).

  2. Au contrair, I would say that we miss out on the best that God has to give in this life if we do not live with the joy from within as He works in us and through us. It is the down payment on the inheritance we are to receive. We can certainly have internal joy even in the absence of happiness (which comes from external sources). Joy comes from accepting His best for us is as we live in obedience to His commands. We are commanded as His church to speak forth the good news into a world who desperately needs to hear it. As we witness by word and deed, our joy too can be made more complete.

  3. Yes. I was just prayerfully reflecting on how my life has changed since I have been telling my story through my blog. I am experiencing the joy of Christ. Thank you again for your perceptive, insightful thoughts!

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