Posted by: bshelley | July 18, 2008

Seeking God’s Heart- by Bryan Shelley

Today’s Verse: John 6:19 Then, when they had rowed about three or four miles, they saw Jesus walking on the sea and drawing near to the boat; and they were frightened. NASB

I saw something on the news a while back where some enterprising person had set up a runway just under the water going out into the Sea of Galilee so that people could, for a price, walk out on it and appear to be walking on the water. To me, there is something wrong with that on several levels. Oh well. We need to leave the miracles to Jesus. Trying to do the miraculous is, to me, what keeps too many from doing what they are gifted to do as Christians when faced with overwhelming obstacles. For instance, people don’t know what to do or pray for when someone gets really sick, or even has some terminal illness. We are afraid to pray for God to heal them for fear He won’t and then how will that look? In a great book I read and then taught from a while back called Becoming a Stretcher Bearer by Michael Slayton, he makes a really difficult subject very understandable. He divides the task into Primary and Secondary issues. The primary problem often requires divine intervention, especially in situations involving serious illness and the like.  The Primary issue is God’s to take care of. Too often we don the mantle and responsibility of thinking we have to be some specially gifted prayer warrior to address these kinds of problems. So much so that we either shy away from trying at all or we call on God to do His job and ours. We need to ask Him to take care of the Primary problem and then go about ministering how we can to the Secondary. Like, maybe they need kids looked after while they go to the doctor or to get counseling. Maybe their yard needs mowing, and so on. We need to quit trying to walk on water and leave that to Jesus. We need to put our shoulders to the wheel of meeting the needs that we have been gifted and blessed to meet. Pray hard, yes. Then put on your working gloves and get to meeting the needs you can.

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-john-6_19


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