Posted by: bshelley | July 2, 2008

Seeking God’s Heart- by Bryan Shelley

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-leviticus-6_13

Today’s Verse: Leviticus 6:13 Fire shall be kept burning continually on the alter; it is not to go out. NASB

I can remember going hunting as a kid with my dad. It was fun just being with him. Every outing had some kind of adventure, or mis-adventure in store. For some reason, the fact that we tended to be out there in a car more suited for city streets than dirt roads in the country never seem to be perceived as a barrier. This was before the advent of all manner of four wheel drive vehicles we have today. One such trip was a “bit” wet. Well, ranch roads can turn to marshes rather quickly as we discovered. We were going along just great when all of a sudden we were buried up to the axles and going nowhere. The instructions for worship and Temple activities can be one of the sections of the Bible where people get bogged down. Similar to those “who beget who” seemingly endless chapters. However, there is gold in “them thar hills!” In the Old Covenant, the alter fires of the Tabernacle and then Temple were to be kept going always. In our Covenant, we are the Temples. It is our efforts that are to be offered up as sacrifices of worship and praise to Him who has given us everything. I don’t know about you, but my fire is not always lit. In fact, mine is too often more like a Bic lighter than the Temple fire. I flick it on for brief periods of time and then I let it cool back down a bit. Sometimes it burns intensely for days, but then I let it go back out. I get bogged down in the everydayness of everyday and forget to flick on my fire. The same thing happens in my Bible reading. I get bogged down in the begets and wander off mentally and spiritually. Sometimes I give up for extended periods of time. Let’s commit today to keep the alter fire in our lives burning. God promises to provide us all the fuel we need to keep it going. Let’s also remember to look for those golden nuggets God has in His story for us to discover just around the corner of the next verse. Let’s savor every moment and fully enjoy the adventure we are on with our Father!



  1. Bryan,

    I just “happened” across your blog today, and have been greatly encouraged. You’re right – it is so easy to get bogged down. Unfortunately, it’s no different for those of us in the ministry. Thanks for your devotional today!

  2. Transparency can be a bit disconcerting for some, but it helps me stay on track and encourages others hopefully who discover we are not so dissimilar after all. God bless your work in His kingdom. Bryan

  3. Leviticus!! Arrgh!
    Left my tire tracks and made it through.
    Can’t wait for Psalms though. Getting closer.
    Kick in the 4WD and keep going.
    (yes, there are nuggets among the Kings. Gotta dig deeper.)

  4. Bryan, our posts are on a similar vein today. Your word pictures are mentally stimulating… I recalled getting stuck once, up to the floorboards in a little Volkswagon. Smile.
    Have a blessed day, brother.

  5. Hey, great minds…. Your VW was likely easier to dig out than my dad’s “land yaght” Lincoln. Persistence. Bryan

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