Posted by: bshelley | June 26, 2008

Seeking God’s Heart- by Bryan Shelley

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-colossians-3_17

Today’s Verse: Colossians 3:17 Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. NASB

One of my mother’s favorite movies was anything starring Doris Day. You always knew it was going to be cute, clean and romantic. One of Doris’ trademark songs was “Que sera, sera.” It means, whatever will be will be. Beautiful melody, albeit a bit fatalistic for my tastes, but a pretty song sung well. Have you given thought as to how your day is going to go today? Who knows, right? Is “Que sera, sera” your motto? Many people don’t even give their days that much thought. Certainly as Christians, that is disciples of Jesus Christ, we should have today’s verse in mind each day as we plan and execute our day. It certainly would slow things down a bit in my life for sure if I stopped to declare before each thing I did during my day, “This I do in the name of the Lord Jesus.” Besides getting a few odd looks for sounding a bit like Ponce de Leon claiming some new land for king or queen, isn’t that what this says? We are to say and do everything each day in His name or authority, and give thanks to God. I’ll just confess right here that this is not me. I don’t do that. That said, it sure looks like I should. I had a devotional a while back that a number of folks commented positively about when I said I was working on “Praying before saying.” That is still not up to 100% yet, but this appears to be in addition to that or at least a corollary to “Pray before you say.” Maybe the prayer we say before we say or do things throughout our day is “Lord I do this in Your name.” That would certainly change the direction I would have been heading more that once each day. Admittedly, saying and doing in Jesus’ name lifting our words and actions up to the Father as thanks, sounds to be a godly quest. Yes, it will not doubt, cramp our style, but our style is not often enough His any way unless you are way further along than I. Whether I mouth the words or even consciously think them, it is certainly my prayer that today and always that what I do and say will be in His name with thanksgiving always in my heart. Thank you for the reminder Lord.



  1. I share your Mother’s love of Doris Day. Her movies were uplifting and ones that the whole family could attend.

    I had been a fan since age 10 and in my 20s was able to meet Doris Day and she invited me into her world as her personal assistant in the ’70s while she was filming “The Doris Day Show” at CBS. After the show ended I lived with her for nearly 2 years. During that time I really got to know this wonderful Lady – we often talked about religion. She is a very religious person without going to any organized church. Learned a lot from her.
    IN 2006 I was interviewed by David Kaufman for his new book on Doris. After we talked, I was encouraged to publish my memoir – my book: “Day At A Time — An Indiana Girl’s Sentimental Journey To Doris Day’s Hollywood and Beyond” from Hawthorne Publishing came out last fall. You can visit my website:

    God bless Doris Day – she is a wonderful, positive influence on society and it is encouraging to learn that many young people are discovering Doris Day…we need her now, more than ever!

    Mary Anne Barothy

  2. What a treat to find your wonderful comments about Doris Day this morning! I am so glad to hear she was the “real deal”. So many we hear of these days lead two lives. She must have been a treat to work with. I forwarded your comments to my mom in Dallas. I am sure she’ll get a big kick out of them Thanks. -Bryan

  3. Bryan,
    You are right – Doris is the real deal – a real Lady from the word go. This morning after my talk to a group of seniors at an Oasis gathering I was thrilled to hear so many people commenting on how special Doris is to them. One lady in her early 70s brought a hand drawn portrait that she had done of Doris from probably her ‘Young At Heart’ days. This lady drew it while she was in high school and brought it for me to see. It was obvious she cherished the drawing having kept it all these years, and she also cherised Doris.

    Everyone loves Doris – she has always stood for all that is GOOD and POSITIVE. Everyone agreed that Doris makes you feel good – her music and her movies were all special.

    I hope your Mother enjoys my post. Doris is one very Special Lady and I am sure your Mom is too!
    Thanks for letting me share a little about America’s Sweetheart, Doris Day!

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