Posted by: bshelley | June 24, 2008

Seeking God’s Heart- by Bryan Shelley

Audio Version: seeking-gods-heart-proverbs-28_26

Today’s Verse: Proverbs 28:26 He who trusts his own heart is a fool, But he who walks wisely will be delivered. NASB

Well, that kind of blows the old saw “Follow your heart” doesn’t it? In fact, too many people today are “following their own hearts.” As Dr. Phil would ask, “How’s that working out for you?” “Hey, wait a minute!” you may be saying right now to yourself, or to your computer screen as it were. By the way, if you don’t write back…I can’t hear you… “Follow your heart.” What’s wrong with that? The writer of Proverbs under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit seemed to indicate there is a potential problem there, right? What is in the heart of man, or woman for that matter? Here it says foolishness. In other verses, we are told that every kind of fleshly evil resides there. Yikes! I want a transplant, you might think. Well, thank God in Christ that we have indeed had some major spiritual heart surgery done if we are in Him.

and in Him you were also circumcised with a circumcision made without hands, in the  removal of the body of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ; having been buried with Him in baptism, in which you were also raised up with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead. (Col 2:11-12)

What we need is God’s heart in us. Thereby we can have God’s wisdom in our hearts if we ask it of Him.

But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.(Jas 1:5)

He gladly gives His wisdom to us to deal with trials and temptations generously. Is that not what the writer is saying in today’s verse? We are to walk wisely. But if we cannot trust our own hearts because they are full of foolishness, then we are to pray for God’s wisdom and follow that. Certainly we have found by now that the best way to live our lives is in God’s ways, not our own. It is comforting to know that He does not just leave us hanging wondering what His wisdom might be. We can open up His word and read it for ourselves. But, we also need to be careful not to just seek but also to apply. Many have heard or read God’s word and yet follow their own hearts. Jesus says, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (Matt:7:24) To be wise calls for putting God’s wisdom to work in our lives. That is how one “walks wisely” and is “delivered.”


  1. I have had something on my mind for a while and after reading seeking Gods heart I thought I would ask.
    I know that God loves me and nothing can seperate me from that, but, can God not like you, even though you are a Christian ?


    Richard Arnold
    Lone Grove, Oklahoma

  2. If I understand your question correctly, it is concerning my beliefs on whether one can fall from faith? If I have it wrong, try me again, please.

    I do believe that the Bible teaches that one can turn their back on salvation, reject Christ and return to a state as before either under big “L” Law or little “l” law. I think that is clearly taught in Galatians, Hebrews and 1 John specifically. Given, not everyone reads those the way I do, that’s what I believe. Beyond scripture, it makes intuitive sense that some, tragically, choose after having accepted God’s grace turn away from the light, reject any desire to have Christ in their life and somewhere out there, God who gives free choice, allows them to do just that. I certainly agree that nothing short of one’s own deliberate rejection of God can separate them, but the sad truth is I have seen this happen. People who genuinely accepted Christ’s sacrifice for their sin, were baptized and for a while walked in the Light, for some reason snapped and returned to the world. I am not talking about simply stumbling, but out and out settled practice of sin and an open rejection of Christ.

    I have heard some try to explain this away in that they were not saved in the first place, but what must one do to be saved? They did all that and yet chose after a time to openly reject God. Some Messianic Jews were doing just that which caused the letter we know as Hebrews to be written. Take a look at Paul’s words in Galatians 5. It is hard to deny. Apart from Christ there is no salvation.

    I thank God that He is certainly the God of second and third chances, and fourth chances. I need that much grace far more often than I want to confess, but when I get back up from stumbling, I firmly grasp God’s standard, the Bible, in one hand and measure myself by its straight edge once again as I attempt to continue my maturation into Christ’s likeness. The difference is one’s orientation when and if they choose to get back up.

    Hope I answered the right question.

  3. You have me re-reading those scriptures, dealing with falling away. I have always been under the teaching that your salvation can’t be taken away, BUT if you choose to walk the slippery path, there will be ugly consequences during this lifetime. (My concerns are heavy for my husband, who has become bitter once again.) It sure seems to be one of those areas not completely black and white!? I’m on my knees — always praying for my family.

    As for Richard’s question? I think that God CAN be disappointed with us and our actions. Just like a parent can be toward a child. Doesn’t change our love though. And HIS love is unchanging too.

  4. I too was a prodigal son. God is long suffering and waits with open and loving arms looking up the path for us to return patiently. He only knows who will and who will not turn and come home again. Again, prayer is a powerful thing. God can change hearts that may have been frozen or embittered for years. He is in the heart healing business.

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