Posted by: bshelley | May 21, 2008

Seeking God’s Heart- by Bryan Shelley

Entry for May 21, 2008

Today’s Verse: Romans 14:13 Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather determine this– not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way. NASB

One of the saddest “sayings” I have heard around churches is that “The reason some people do not come to services is because of those who do.” If brothers and sisters in Christ truly feel that way, no wonder the world looks at us and sees division and all manner of worldly behavior instead of the love we are called first to show to one another. How can we be a reflection of Christ’s light to the world with so much tarnish? We could proceed by clicking our tongues at the perpetrators, or we could look in God’s mirror and make sure it is not us. Is there someone in the body who you cannot be a conduit of God’s love towards? A name or a face may have just been brought to your mind, right? If not, please pray for the rest of us who have not quite reached that place. However, if God put someone on your heart, what are you going to do next? Our willingness or unwillingness to forgive, remove things in our behavior or attitude that might be an obstacle to others in their spiritual growth is the linchpin to opening our hearts to God’s healing and work in our own lives too. The way to begin change in the church is to first ask for change in our own hearts. Our model for how we are to do this is Jesus Himself. I had a sense just yesterday of looking Him square in the face almost as if He was right in front of me. Frankly, I felt ashamed. Instantly, things I had said, done or thought over the last few days about people came to mind and I realized how far I was from His standard of love. Maybe you are there too. Lord, cleanse our hearts of any unforgiveness and bad attitudes we are harboring that is keeping us from loving as You love. Thank You Jesus.



  1. Very nicely put. I love this blog a lot. I believe I will add it to my blog roll in hopes others will come across it like me!

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