Posted by: bshelley | April 18, 2008

Seeking God’s Heart- by Bryan Shelley

Entry for April 18, 2008

Today’s Verse: John 3:4 Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born can he?” NASB

OK, I admit that I tend to kid around a lot. I enjoy a good play on words now and again. I like to say really strange things sometimes just to get people’s reactions. Too often it is delivered so dead pan that the hearer innocently “falls” for it. For example, I might say something like, “Did you hear that they just discovered that cows have much more to do with climate change than car emissions?” Admittedly, that may be a bad example since it may actually be true…but you get the point, right? Like most jesters, I am also one of the most gullible people in the world all too often and get taken in by the same tactics. I always feel dumb. Not stupid, but just naive for being so easily sucked in to what is typically a thin veneer of a plausible story. I go into a kind of “literal” mode and forget to leave my humor alert sensors up. I have openly made fun of Nicodemus for his narrow perception of Jesus’ figurative point. The spiritual nature of what Jesus was trying to get across went right over his head, whoosh! Jesus was not even trying to be funny. He was trying to relate an important heavenly truth about salvation and Nicodemus just went “thick” on him. Right here and now, I want to publicly apologize to Nicodemus. All too often the truth of scripture eludes me also, simply because I am trying so hard to figure out what is being said and what I think about it instead of just slowing down and listening and letting the truth soak in. I pull a “Nicodemus”. Lord I pray that today as I read Your words that I might be able to drink up the fullness of Your teaching and make it a part of who I am. Help me to slow down and listen with my heart and mind opened to what You would teach.


  1. Amen!
    Jesus told the pharisees once that they had searched the scriptures and yet the very one that scriptures talked of was right in front of them. The answer is ALWAYS right in front of us, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.
    Bless you my Brother Bryan

    Love in Christ Jesus

  2. Bryan,
    Thanks for coming by LBOLM.
    Hope you waon’t mind me leaving the link to my latest post.

  3. Of course I don’t mind. I look forward to reading your blog! In fact, I added you to my site blogroll. God bless.

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